Monday, June 16, 2008

A New Start

Well, we finally created our own family blog. Now everyone can keep up with us and what we are up to. We just moved to Arizona again. The place Tony was working at in Provo, utah was starting to go out of business, so he was one of the first to be laid off. We had planned on moving back to Arizona at the end of the summer, but since this happened we figured it was best to move now rather than later. We are living with Erin's parents right now as we search for jobs. Erin is planning on watching Tony's younger brother Douglas for some money at least until she gets a job at the Wildlife World Zoo. She had a very promising interview a few weeks ago, but the position won't be open until the fall. The Wildlife World Zoo is undergoing some major construction adding a new section to the zoo. Once the new section opens in the fall there will be open positions, hopefully one of which will be Erin's. Tony is still waiting to hear back from some trucking companies. He wants to get into the deisel mechanics field. It's tough to find an entry level position though. We are also hoping to buy a small home after a little while.


kimmie said...

Cute page, sis!

kimmie said...

Cute page, Sis!

Nichole said...

welcome to the blog world!

Nicole said...

Wlcome to the blogging world-
Sorry to have you so far away now, hopefully we can keep tabs on each other thru blogging. Good luck on the job searches.

Check out our blog- we're building a new house. Lot's of fun pictures!