Tuesday, May 26, 2009

First Days At Home

Landon and Liam best friends
Ready for his first time to church

Scrunched up

First bath at home

Cousins Gavin and Ethan

4 Generations: My Dad, me, Liam, adn Grandma

Loves that Teddy. He stared at it for like 20 minutes straight


Robin Anne and Neal said...

Yay! Baby pictures! He seriously looks just like you! It is hard to remember that he is boy...:) jk. He is so adorable!

Rachel Kerr said...

FINALLY! I was wondering how long it would take you to get pics up (I just left a nasty comment about it on MYSPACE...heheh)However, I will give you some leeway since I bet your kinda busy...

He looks just like you, it's so cool to see. It makes me excited to have cousins for our kids! who knew you, ben and I would have babies around the same time. cool.

, said...

ERIN!! Congrats!! I have been checking for the past week to see if you had Liam yet!! Im so excited for you! You'll be a great Mommy!! Do you end up getting induced or did you go naturally? He looks like a lee to me, but I have no clue what the Mill side babies look like. I added you again to my blog since its on private. So let me know if it has finally worked. And again congrats!

Rocky and Amanda said...

Oh my Gosh; what a cutie! Congratulations! We are so happy for you three! Boys are so much fun; Liam and Kade will have to hang out some time.

Linda Lee said...

He's just gorgeous! Good work, Mom and Dad! You two make pretty babies!

James said...

Hey It's about time!!! He looks great! You and Tony did an excellent job on your kid! props to you.

Devin and Katherine said...

Erin! Congrats on your little boy! He's adorable :)