Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Gerber Prize

I got so much stuff I just can't control myself! As you can see above we got dishes, utensils, sippy cups, binkies galore for when he starts eating real food.
Towels, shoes, hats, burp cloths, blankets, socks

Outfits galore. Onesies, sleepers, pants

3 diaper bags and 2 coolers for his baby food and bottles.
You know you're a mommy when you hyperventilate over diaper bags and onesies! Now we are officially ready for this boy!


Benjamin & Shanae Lee said...

WOW! You totally scored. I pray I can win that much stuff too. Your so lucky! Did you enter once in the sweepstakes or a few times?

Emily said...

Thats awesome that you won all of that stuff.

Nikki said...

THAT IS SO COOL! I am so green... with envy! Congrats on that! Now come on baby Liam... don't you see all this cool stuff Mama has for you to try out!?

Pamela said...

I am so excited for you that is awsome. I can't beleive you won. Who ever really wins anything. Congrats.

Linda Lee said...

That was one big box of goodies! Hooray for you and Liam!

Steven and Chelsea said...

wooohoo!! ALL you need is the BABY!! Come on Liam!