Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Phoenix Zoo

Inside the cave at the splash park
Notice the mohawk

The splash park with Daddy

Being pushed around in a stroller sure wore him out!
My older sister invited our family to go to the Phoenix Zoo with them. We went early in the morning with hopes of missing the heat, but we were wrong. It was still hot, but we took a long stop at the splash park. We didn't see a whole lot of animals because it was so hot but what we did see was cool. It was fun!


Rachel Kerr said...

cute! they have like no zoo's here and what they do have is pretty lame. too cold I suppose in Iowa.
He looks like a very laid back dude.
Post more! I'm not working anymore and I need things to do until I have this baby!

Lindsey and Geoff said...

Liam's expression in the first picture is classic. Love it! :)