Friday, October 23, 2009

Life with a baby

Liam 5 months

Wearing camo since Papa is going deer hunting

New nap spot

Tony loves to put Liam on his shoulders. Tony usually ends p with wet hair and missing a few hairs (Liam has a tight grip)

Liam in Great-Papa Lee's war stuff

We started rice cereal...yummy. He's a good eater!

Seriously...It doesn't get any cuter!

Life is going for us...just going. We are madly in love still so that hasn't changed. Tony got his hours cut back and I lost my previous job. I have picked up some baysitting to help us get by, but we are still sorely lacking. We will survive...we always do. We keep paying tithing and we always get by.
Liam has become a good roller. He can roll both ways now and is all over the place. He learned to put his pacifier in himself even though it is usually upside down. He loves to make little raspberries or whatever they are...little car noises. Adorable! He is just a joy to be around...a joy to have. We love this little boy!
Tony is trying to be able to start school in the winter. If he can find some grants and scholarships he will be all set. He is pretty nervous about going back to school because it's been so long, but I'm sure he will get back in the swing of things and do just fine. He's got a great plan to give our family a brighter future. We are ready to move onward and upward!


Linda said...

Good Luck on the school thing, Tony! It always killed Gary to think of going back to school but it was always worth it to our family in the long run. Liam looks wonderful--chubby and cuddly and so cute!

Pamela said...

I love the pics they are fun. I am glad to hear everything si good even when things are bad. That is how we will right now. Good luck with everything.