Thursday, December 31, 2009

The end of the year

Daisy with her mohawk and in her sweet new pink leopard print jacket!
The newest member of our family, Mr. Jiggles. Tony got him for me for Christmas. I know my husband's great huh? I woke up Christmas morning to a cage with all the fixin for a guinea pig and a giftcard to Petsmart so I could pick him out. As it turns out almost all of the Petsmarts in the valley were sold out of guinea pigs. Thanks to the movie G-Force everyone got a guinea pig for Christmas. We called around to all of the Petsmarts in town and finally found one that had 10 guinea pigs while all the other stores were sold out. :$ We drove to Central Phoenix to get him. I'm glad we did. It was getting hard to stare at an empty cage. He is still a little skiddish but getting better. He is adorable. When I hold him and pet him he makes this cute little noise...I don't even know how to describe it. I want to earn his trust enough so I can hand feed him carrots and stuff. Guinea pigs are fun little pets.

This is Liam's favorite thing to do. He will leave an entire floor of toys to play with the shoes in the basket. He dumps it and loves to suck on the shoes. I know gross huh? I have to figure out where else to put our shoes so he can't get them. I am seriously pulling him away from it like 20 times a day. Crazy boy! The worst part is that he loves it and laughs and giggles like he's at Disneyland...shoe basket vs. Disneyland...I'd take Disneyland. He would disagree.

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