Friday, April 16, 2010

Utah and Easter

My husband is so wierd. I can't remember what he ate but h thought it was cool that his tongue turned blue.
On a walk in Landon's brithday present...a wagon! How cute is that!

This is what we did on Easter. He all got blankets and pillows and watched Conference on thefloor since they didn't have a couch. It was tons of fun. Brian and Tony snuggling on the floor. haha

Liam found a golden egg! During the night, Tony and I hid easter eggs arod the house for the boys to find. It was so fun! They are still pretty young and didn't t the idea but it was fun anyway.

Landon having his birthday. He was so tired. He later smeered the frosting down his face and looked like an Indian. It was so cute!

Lam first experience with snow. Not a big fan.

Liam driving a race car. vroom vroom

Landon and Liam They are exactly 6 weeks apart. We went to Jumping Jacks in St. George UT

We played a game where we put the little boys in between the moms and the dads and called to them to see who they would go to. Looks like the dads are winning.

Brian and Landon and Tony and Liam going down the big slide

The Whitings. Surprise! They are pregnant again! While we were there they kept giving us hints like I'm going to throw up etc and I never got it so they had to tell me "Hey I'm pregnant" It had been a long drive so I wasn't getting there hints very well.

We made it to the Hoover Dam at like 7 am so we took a family pic

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