Sunday, July 11, 2010

Good Memories

Baby penguin

Feeding a Siberian Lynx

Snow leopard

Working at the Hogle Zoo was by far one of my greatest experiences in my whole life. I got to do things that most other people won't ever get to do. I love animals and worked in close proximity with animals from all over the world. I found the career that I want to spend my life doing. I loved getting up before the sun to drive an hour to work all day and sweat and get smelly. Oh I was in heaven! I loved it so much! I really wish that I'd never given up that job and moved home to Arizona. I look back with such regret for leaving. Hopefully later when the kids are old enough for school I can get back into the field without too much trouble. I used to have so much adventure in my life and now I don't. I miss that so much! I need to learn patience to get me through these few years while I have young kids. I hope my kids develop a love for animals that I have.

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Robin Anne and Neal said...

I wish you were still here too!!!