Sunday, July 11, 2010

Lee Family Camp Out

The view

Everyone except Mm. Dad, Sarah, Hannah, Mike, Emily, Tracy, Becca, Tony, Liam, Brooke, me

Tony and Liam at the geocache


I planned family reunion so we could get all of my immediate family together to spend some time together. For the most part people cooperated and saw the value in it. We stayed at the Dairy Springs campground by Mormon Lake, AZ. We just spent the weekend hanging out. We went geo cashing. Which is something my dad heard about where people hide a container with little trinkets or something and hide it and post the gps coordinates online and you go find it with just the coordinates. My dad bought a new gps so it was a good chance for him to figure out how to use it. He wasn't very good because he said it was 1/4 of a mile away from where we were and it seriously took at least an hour to find it. We went one way and ended up retracing our steps and going to opposite directions. My dad had no idea what he was doing. Oh well, it was fun and the weather was nice. It was Liam's first time camping and he loved it. He loved playing in the dirt and with all of the sticks. He was in boy heaven!

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