Sunday, January 23, 2011


Liam watching the giraffes eat from the tower

Liam and Landon took turns trying to kiss the goat in the petting zoo or at least that's what it looked like to me. Liam LOVED the petting zoo! He ran from goat to goat to goat!

Riding in the wagon at the zoo

Me and Liam are joeys

Our best friends came down for Christmas and spent a little bit of time with us so we got culture passes to the zoo. (For those that don't know what a culture pass is it's a pass you can check out at the library for 2 free admissions to the zoos and museums here, so Tony and I each got a pass with our library cards and got our friends and us in for free) We spent most of the day at the zoo and then made calzones at our house for dinner. The next Candice and I went shopping with little Emily their 7 week old little girl! Adorable! Having them here with us for a couple days somewhat helped satisfy my baby hunger. I saw how tough and tiring it was for them having 2 little ones, so I think I'm good for a little while longer. But I will say baby girls are super fun because you have all the cute accessories to put on them.

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