Thursday, March 31, 2011

Potty training

Liam is strange! Tony had his legs crossed and to Liam it looked like a comfy place to sit.

We have started potty training. It supposed to be a 3 day program, but I think it may take a little longer than that. The first day was TOUGH! I had a hard time keeping my cool. It was accident after accident and we were running to the potty what seemed like every 5 minutes. But he had a nap on Day 1 and woke up with dry undies! Then later that night he went to bed dry and I got him up about 2 hours after he fell asleep to use the potty and he was still dry. He was still pretty much asleep and kept falling asleep on the potty, but he peed and filled the potty up! Yay! So I put him back to bed and he got up around 7:30 am and I was right there as he got up! He was still dry! No accidents all night!
Day 2 went a little better than day 1, but still had a lot of accidents...but amongst all the accidents there were also some hits! It seems like it is starting to click. This morning we were playing chase around the couch as is the norm at our house and mid-run he headed straight to the potty and went on it! Without being asked!
In the book it says that around the end of the 3rd day is when it starts to click for most kids, so hoping tomorrow brings great things!!!!


Linda said...

Hooray for Liam! I hope he catches on quickly!

Pamela said...

Just keep at it and he will catch on. I love all the cute pics.