Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Tres Rios


Liam in front of the Tres Rios sign. If you notice there is a T and an R in the rocks.

It's hard to see, but we saw a frog! I have lived in AZ my whole life and don't think I've ever seen frogs in Phoenix just toads. So it was cool. It was a nice big one too!

The beautiful green marsh.

There is this old rickety bridge that leads to a ramada in the middle of the marsh. It was so cool!

On one of the trails

On one of the trails we took there was this giant tree. I don't think we could have reached all the way around it even if we all linked arms. It was huge!

Liam and Tony on one of the bridges over the marsh. We had just seen a turtle in the water.

On of the beautiful paths. A shady path in between rows of oak trees = pretty!

View from the spot we ate our picnic lunch from.

Liam is cute and makes strange faces sometimes!

Liam loved all the sticks! At one time he had about 10 sticks in his hands!

Walking with Daddy.


Briana Jensen said...

I love the one of him walking with his dad!! Too cute!! And his face in the picture after he saw the turtle! He looks so excited!

Melissa said...

Hi Erin!
Thanks for letting me know about this place! It looks cool, and I will check it out for sure! I love the pictures of your cute family! It looks like you had fun family outing. We may have to go there sometime!

Steven and Chelsea said...

The pic with daddy is so cute!! What a pretty place!