Saturday, April 23, 2011

Lee Family Easter Egg Hunt/BBQ

Liam's new Easter surprise! Duck!

This is all Grandma did throughout the whole party. Sit there and watch.

Liam eating roasted marshmallows! MMMM!


Grandma stealing all of Liam's sugars!!!!

Saige had a run in with a marshmallow!

Mills Family

Dzuibla Family

Lee Family

All of us minus Mom and Dad and Hannah

All of the grandkids (my parents grandkids not mine, lol)

Just talking. (Doug, Dad, Tony, Kim, Tracy)

Tracy and her girls first time meeting Maysa!

Mad game of bad minton

In case you can't tell, Liam figured out there was candy in the eggs and seriously shoved his mouth FULL!

My little Easter egg hunter!

Liam and Rebecca checking out their loot!

Maysa watched the party from the side lines.


Liam and Saige hugging! It's fun having a cousin right around the same age!

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