Sunday, May 8, 2011

Pet Expo

Outside of the stadium where the expo was there was giant 2 so naturally we had to take a picture by it since Liam is turning 2. I know the 2 is backwards.

Braden, our neighbor boy and Tony. There were lots of dogs that thought Liam's leash since it has a stuffed Elmo on it was a toy and tried to attack him! hahaha
Cutest little puppy

I was hoping there would be more reptiles, but there was only one small stand with a few reptiles. We ended up talking to this couple who had bearded dragons on their shoulders. Wanna hear an awful story. So this couple with the dragons was a tall man and his wife which was a little person with dwarfism well we talked to them for a while then as we were leaving and walking away Liam started to follow them so Tony hollered out Come on munchkin! I was so embarrassed because they were right there and munchkin is kind of a derogatory term for dwarfs.

Had to take a picture of the Happy Tails stand because Tony's mom is handicapped and has a service dog through the Happy Tails program.

We watched a flyball competition. That was fascinating.

We saw a Thai Ridgeback one of the most rare dog breeds! It was awesome. I had seriously just watched a program about them like the day before. You can't see it very well in the picture, but down the center of their backs there is a stripe of fur that grows in the opposite direction that is why they are called ridgebacks.
They are did a splash dog competition.

Liam playing with this big beefy Rottweiler named Dillon. Dillon is a service dog for kids.
There was even a horse


Amanda said...

I love that Woody got to see everything too.

Linda said...

Looks like a fun day! Send me your email address and I'll send the "2" flipped around if you'd like.