Sunday, June 26, 2011

Blue Highway Concert in Prescott

Liam jamming right up front!
Liam and I were tired of sitting still so went up front to join the "bluegrass mosh pit" Really it was just a bunch of hippies dancing, but it sure was fun and much closer to the band.
I can't remember this guys name but he has been nominated the best dobro player for the last 13 years. He was pretty amazing!
Emily being John Lennon.
Sarah brought these glasses and the girls sure thought they were cool.
Brooke chillaxin' listening to bluegrass
The Lee group.
Not in any particular order; Hannah, Sarah, Tracy, Becca, Brooke, Emily, Mom and Dad and me and Liam. It was awesome because Tracy and the girls came down and surprised Mom and Dad.
Becca is so cool with her side pony tail and over-sized sunglasses.
The group watching Blue Highway. There were hundreds of people.

It was a full weekend event that started on Saturday and ended Sunday night. We went up early Saturday afternoon and listened to all the bluegrass bands, but the main band we came to see was Blue Highway (my Dad's favorite band). Going to bluegrass festivals is kind of weird because there are either old people or hippies...I don't really consider myself either of those. My parents are old, but not as old as the usual bluegrass groups haha. After the concert we went to Zeke's restaurant to visit my cousin, Jeremy who works in Prescott Valley. It was good to see him and eat dessert. We didn't get home until 12:30 last night so needless to say Liam and I took some good naps after church matter of fact Liam is still sleeping.

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