Friday, June 10, 2011

A busy weekend!

Kendal and Liam
Last Sunday, one of my good friends blessed their baby, but we weren't able to go to the blessing. Luckily they threw a party/luncheon afterwards. Liam got to play with Kendal (the older sister to the baby) and I got to visit with some friends that I don't get to see very often. We had a fun time!
My bestie best friend, Ellen Johnson!
Liam's new Sunday outfit. I am so proud of myself for finding this suit for $6!!! Wow! I amaze myself sometimes lol! I always have good luck when I go shopping with my friend Candice! Candice came into town because a friend of hers was having a baby, so she stayed with us for a little while to visit. She has a little boy that is only 6 weeks older than Liam. They were supposed to only be 3 weeks apart, but she had her baby early and Liam came late. Nonetheless, Liam and her little boy Landon are best friends and have been since birth. They play so well together and learn a lot from each other; some good things some not so good. We love them and are grateful that we have such good friends!
Landon enjoying Liam's tent!
Emily at 7 months.
Liam's other future wife. Haha I guess since he is betrothed to so many girls he has a small group to choose from when he gets home from his mission. haha
Liam and Landon and their silly antics after taking a bath together!

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Alan & Ellen said...

I love you bestie best friend! You are my bffandever! :)