Friday, July 8, 2011

Happenings of this week

I made an oober cute hair bow/flower holder for my niece who is getting baptized
At the 4th of July party at Tony's sister, Tina's house. Tina practiced the piano.
The dry summer heat is causing lots of bloody noses for Liam
On the 4th of July Cody fell asleep at like 5 and Joshua had to be the pesky little brother of course.
Zachary fell asleep too
My other 4th of July cake. It sort of fell apart on this piece. But it was layered so that each slice had the American flag in it.

The top of the cake.
Liam is obsessed with Cars now! He has a really hard time if you give him the choice between Cars and Toy Story.

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Emily Buck said...

So...I want to learn to make the bow holder!! I have bows that are just everywhere! Maybe you can make one for Kendal's bday!! :) Or I can pay you :)