Sunday, September 4, 2011

The Beginning of a Happy Me

Dear World,
I have looked at myself over the past 3 years and have been very disappointed with the way I have let myself go. Moving away from Utah meant less opportunity and will power (because of the heat) to get out do things. When we lived in Utah we were up somewhere in the Alpine Loop at least twice a week and I would go up Rock Canyon a lot just to walk and think things over. Now I am here. There isn't really anywhere close enough to do that anymore and the 110+ weather makes it that much more difficult. I have been looking for a way that was easily accessible for me to lose weight. I would love to go to a gym because I love the elliptical machine but don't have the finances to do that. So I watched a couple of documentaries about food and the effects they have on our health. "Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead" and "Food Matters" Some of the things I thought were bogus, but some I thought were really good ideas. I am going to give the juice diet a go. I may not do complete juice only, but do it as a major part of my diet. Tony's mom has a juicer that she said I can borrow. So once I get that and a new paycheck to get groceries I am going to start. I will keep a little "diary" of my feelings and accomplishments on here as a way to keep me motivated and give me readers to help me stick with it. So that is your job as my readers; you are my support. I will post when I get the machine and start it all.
the fat (hopefully not much longer) Erin

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