Thursday, September 22, 2011

Camping At Canyon Creek

We decided to fish the hole that my Dad said we would never catch a fish because everyone fishes there. HA! Proved him wrong! We caught 5 fish there! They were decent sized fish too!
Tony's fish! (with Missie in the bachground)
Saw several deer especially mommies with fawns. (saw lots of hunters too)
We were hiking along the upper Canyon Creek and found this tire swing in the middle of the woods. Random spot for one we thought so we had to try it out!

We woke up the first morning and found this. A completely flat tire! Instead of fishing like we had planned, we put on the spare and prayed that we could make it out of the canyon on the rough rocky roads and back to Payson. Luckily we made it out safe and sound and got the tire fixed for $15 and then went back to Canyon Creek. Problem solved! (Do you like Liam's face in this picture? He is in the middle of saying OH NO!)
Grandma and Papa Lee bought Liam his very own camping chair! Of course he didn't sit in it long because he has become a very active , crazy, everywhere all the time, 2 year old!

This is what Daisy did while we went fishing. Tony laid the backpack down for a minute to rest and she crawled right in and just laid in it the rest of the time. Lazy spoiled dog! And I'm not the one that spoils her either!


Robin Anne said...

Cute little Daisy!!!! Sorry about your flat though! what terrible timing!

Pamela said...

It looks like you had a great time. I am happy to see that you guys are so good at making time to do fun things together. Loves

Carl and Debra Lee said...

You guys do take advantage of every opportunity to get out there and have fun! Good for you!