Monday, September 26, 2011

Diamondbacks Game

Tonight for FHE we went to the Diamondbacks vs. The Dodgers game. Tony got some discount tickets from his work. So we got the cheapest ticket because we didn't know how much we would be able to enjoy with a 2 year old and we aren't really big baseball fans anyway. It was just a fun thing to do as a family.
Play area for kids = GENIUS! After about 5 innings or so Liam got a little restless so we went to Baxter's play area. It got out some of his wiggles so we could go back and watch the last 2 innings.

Liam's first encounter with cotton candy. He liked it but wasn't crazy about it either.
Liam was afraid of the giant-headed ball players. He would watch them very closely when they were anywhere near us. That is teh first time he's been afraid of anything like this. I was a little surprised because he loves Chuck E. Cheese.

Had to get hot dogs to eat since we were at a baseball game. It's tradition right?

Hot dog with ketchup, mustard, and sweet relish.
Overall, it was a great night and I am so glad that Tony got us tickets to go. Maybe we will have to make this an annual trip since it is so inexpensive.
Thanks babe!

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not2complain said...

Your lil one is adorable...the caterpillar is yuk, but I remember when I was young seeing alot of them, haven,t seen any for atleast 30 yrs! No wonder we have very few sad.