Sunday, September 18, 2011

Pickin' In The Pines

Ok so this guy above, Sam Bush, is my FAVORITE musician. His music is kind of a mixture between bluegrass and rock. I love everything he does! He came to Flagstaff for a bluegrass festival called Pickin' In the Pines. It was freaking awesome! I have one thing checked off my bucket list now; see Sam Bush live!
I guess Liam isn't a Sam Bush fan because we went to a mandolin workshop that he did earlier in the day and he fell asleep in the back pack and in the evening for the concert he fell asleep in Papa's arms.
This was at the Sam Bush workshop ^
Yes I got to meet him! In real life! He seemed like such a down to earth guy too!
Only at a bluegrass festival can you get away with what this little kid was wearing. Liam played with him so it didn't look creepy when I was taking this kids picture. Camo shorts and rainbow suspenders. Does that kid scream redneck or what?!?!
Grandma and Papa took us for frozen custard at Freddys.
Running with Papa!

They had a little kids activity booth. Liam got his face painted like a tiger and he got to paint and color a little tambourine made with paper plates.

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Carl said...

Great fun and great memories!