Sunday, September 11, 2011

Ruffle Flower Pillow

I just made this beauty! I am pretty much in love! We are changing the color scheme of our living room from a mish mash of things to browns with a splash of robin egg blue. We are saving to buy some light khaki paint for the walls and almost have enough; the white walls have got to go! We bought some chocolate brown black out curtains for the windows, so this pillow will match really well.

This is the only thing I just couldn't get right. I need a lesson on how to properly stuff and sew a pillow, but other than the 6 inch mess up on one side it looks really great!


Amanda said...

That pillow is so cute! I love all of the craft stuff you come up with.

Carl and Debra Lee said...

Love the pillow! I could use one for my bed:) You are so crafty and doing a great job. I will help you learn to do the pillow stuffing and closing up better. You did pretty good anyway. I'm not the greatest at that sort of stuff either. Way to go girl!