Monday, October 10, 2011

A Day With The Reiersens

We invited the Reiersen's (Tony's cousin and his family) to come a spend Columbus Day with us. (we were going to go camping but it didn't work out) We went fishing at the Gila River near our house and then came back to our house for dinner and smores over the fire!
Smores with giant marshmallows!

Liam taking a look at Daddy's little blue gill. I love this pic!
Tried out the "dusk" setting on my fairly new camera.
Tony's HUGE fish! Haha!
It was a teeny tiny blue gill and it's hard to see because it blends in so well with the background but there is a fish there I promise!
This is Tony's cousin's daughter who is 16 months-ish. I'm trying to make my pics look a little more professional. I love how I caught the reflection in it, but wish I had got her full reflection, but I still really like it!
Kristen and I sat on the banks and let the little ones wade in the water and throw rocks. I also taught Kristen how to skip rocks.
The guys as they headed out to fish!
Tony's little fish!

Didn't get a very good picture, but as we were packing up to leave I caught a fish. It just so happened to be the biggest fish, but we were somewhat in a rush because the hook was stuck in the fishes mouth and we were trying to get it out before it died, so no good pic.
It was a great day! We always have a good day with the Reiersens!


Briana Jensen said...

That's so funny! The Reiersens were in my family ward up in Idaho! I was actually her visiting teacher (a very bad one!) Small world! Love the pictures tho! I think the reflection look really cool!

Pamela said...

So fun! I love that you guys are always up to having a little fun. Tell Tony I love his big fish!