Thursday, October 13, 2011

Lord of the Rings Live!

A ginormo screen playing the 1st Lord of the Rings movie and that's a live orchestra and choir right underneath playing along to the movie!
They had some movie memorabilia for us to see before we went in to see in the movie!

I kept the whole night a secret and he had no idea what we were going to do until we walked in and he saw the nosgul and the giant screen that said "Fellowship of the Ring" He was pretty excited! If you know my husband you know that he LOVES the Lord of the Rings so this was a pretty big deal!

Some friends of a good friend work around the arena where this was being held so they had free tickets that they weren't going to use. Thank goodness! We have such good friends to think of us!

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Pamela said...

okay that is pretty darn awesome! I can imagine that he would be so excited Steven would love something like that. Although our husbands are brothers and they are very different they are both cute nerds. Although I have to say I enjoy the lord of the rings movies as well but I have not read the books.