Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Arizona State Fair

Petting Zoo!
Probably Liam's favorite part
Liam did the fishing game. He is a little obsessed with fishing right now since we've been going so much lately. He won a Green Lantern stuffed animal

Love this picture. This goat had a permanent smile on her face!
Tony tried really hard to win me a stuffed animal
Watched the "Aerial Circus" or "Cirque Do Ok"
I was so fascinated with the silk lady. It was so amazing!

This lady is the mascot for the fair.

I was so bummed because my camera kept going ka-put on me. So we don't have any pictures of the rides we went on (ferris wheel, spinny swinging tug boat, train, and carousel) or the yummy funnel cake we had. :( Oh well, at least we got some! We spent the entire afternoon at the fair and surprisingly spent less than $30 the entire day. Before we left we let Liam play in the Toddler Town, which had sand with little John Deere tractors to play with and he lined all the tractors up and then had to go use the potty. When he came back another little boy had messed up his line and he was very upset about it. It was kind of funny how particular he is about lining toys up. It was a great surprise for my hubby!

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