Thursday, November 3, 2011

Children's Museum of Phoenix

Man! Our family has been up to a lot of fun things lately! Today we had a culture pass to the Children's Museum of Phoenix and decided to go on a Mommy/Son date. It was by far the coolest kids place we've ever been to! So many colors and fun things to do! In the pic above can you see the legs with colorful knee highs and converse shoes on the bottom of the boat? They also had a flying bath tub in this giant play gym thing.

So here's what we did today:
Rode in a giant boat in the sky,
Read some story books,
(aren't these the coolest reading nooks ever?!?!)

Ran through a field of noodles,
(You should hear Liam say "noodles" soooooo cute!)
Raced some cars sort of like the pine wood derby,
(We spent a lot of time here if you can imagine that)
Made some pretend food,
Walked up a giant staircase,
Played with play doh and for the first time was actually interested in it!
They had put confetti in the play doh so it was even sparkly!
Built a tall, tall tower,
Rode a bike through a car wash,
And raced a motorcycle!

This was the coolest museum ever! And it still would've been if I had to pay for it! Love culture passes! It was great to see how much fun he was having and how much his brain was growing! He got to touch everything! He loved it! I think I scored some Mama points today! We will definitely be returning here!


Linda said...

Looks like a wonderful place to visit!

Rachel said...

your museum is WAY better than ours. Yours makes ours look like a crappy chuck e cheese. man. I need to get outta IOWA. blah.