Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Family Day Trip To Sedona

We started the day off at a structural blessing with the Yavapai-Apache tribes. It was really cool! It is hard to see but if you look close you can still see the yellow pollen dot on Tony's forehead. It was very cool! Tony's dad works for the reservation and helped get grants to build a youth center so we were included in the ceremony.
The first thing we did in Sedona was go on a hike. I think we went on the Yavapai Vista trail just outside the city limits of Oak Creek Town.
Liam insisted on fishing every little puddle on the whole trail with his little fishing stick. Yes he is a man after his Papa's heart.
We walked around downtown Sedona and had lunch. Liam was just barely bigger than the geodes.
Look at that red dirt and the background.
Played in the leaves since we don't have any like this around our house.

Tried to take some artsy fartsy pictures. What do you think?
The real reason we took this trip. Someone besides Liam has an obsession with fishing :)
We went to the trout farm and fed the fish

Liam was so proud of himself because he caught a fishy (leaf) on the end of his fishing pole (stick)


Pamela said...

It looks like tons of fun. I do love your "artsy" pictures as well, they truned out great.

Carl and Debra Lee said...

Nice job with the pictures. I hope you are scrapbooking them or keeping them so you can make a book or something. You do nice work with your new camera! Keep it up!