Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The Holiday House

This year my friend talked me into selling some of my things at a 2 day long craft fair called the Holiday House with her. It was a little crazy because I somewhat procrastinated making things until the last couple weeks before the event.
The first day of the Holiday House I had what I guess I would call a "panic or anxiety attack" and had to leave early. I literally made myself sick. It was so strange I could not control myself. I could not relax. Luckily I have an awesome friend who stayed at our booth and sold our things.
The next day I took it easy and came in in the early afternoon. I was much better the second day. I even got a massage while I was there.
We made a lot more money than I thought we would. $$$ :)
I still have mixed feelings about doing it next year because of my experience the first day. We shall see if I decide to do it again.
Also if you see anything that you like and want to order let me know.
We sold bow ties, beard beanies, chocolates, nativity sets, hair bows and flowers, and animal beanies.

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Carl said...

You are very creative! You might want to consider setting up a website where people can order your creations.