Friday, December 30, 2011

Lee Family Christmas

Dad got a really fancy water proof camera. WATERPROOF is the key there. My dad has dropped several cameras in the water when fishing. ;)
Liam got a coon skin cap!
Ben and Saige
Liam and Saige liked my new camping chair
Doug and Gavin.
It is so weird to me that I have a 14 year old nephew. WAY WEIRD!
Hannah and Sarah got matching jackets
Tracy, Mike and Emily
I made Ethan a hat and he decided to wear Gavin's beard too
OK so here's a story. When Hannah and I were teenagers we made a music video while my parents were out of town. He dressed up in different costumes and sang and danced to different types of music like 80's and rap then at the end our famous quote, "Aren't you glad we are who we are?" Well, this year as our Christmas gift we decided to do a remake and this is the family all gathered around watching it!

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