Saturday, December 17, 2011

Pic Overload of Recent Events!

Tony's dad works for the Yavapai-Apache Nation so we went to a tribal blessing of a structure that Tony's dad help get grants for. (He is grant writer for the Nation) I didn't know it was allowed, but this is picture of us and we are praying and blessing the structure; it was actually a ropes course for the youth camp. It was such a cool experience to be there. We were the only non-Native American people there and it was really cool to get an inside look into their culture. We first put dots of pollen onto our foreheads and shoulders before we prayed. It was very cool.

Liam got to sing with the Primary kids at the Ward Christmas Party
My parent's stake put on an amazing Christmas Nativity. They had a program and a live nativity with animals to pet. They also had a guided tour through the town of Bethlehem. Above is Liam asking if there was any room at the Inn.
A fish stand in Bethlehem
Chicks at the live Nativity
The donkeys
Liam got to buy a gift of gold to bring to the baby Jesus. This was such a well done production; it brought tears to my eyes just to think about actually being able to go through Bethlehem and buy a gift to bring to baby Jesus. I felt as if I was in Bethlehem. Special experience!
My parent's did a skit/song at the Relief Society meeting. My dad played and sang "Christmas Cookies" at least I think that's what it's called. My mom acted silently along side making real sugar cookies which she handed out afterwards. My parents are awesome!

We made gingerbread houses as a family. We had a decorating contest; Liam and Tony against me. I think I won since Liam pressed so hard to get the candies to stick that the house ended up caving in. Oh well, it was fun and we all ate some yummy candy.

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