Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Our Valentine's Day

This year I was in charge of Valentine's Day. Since our anniversary is only a month away from Valentine's Day we take turns planning. Cupid brought Tony a new spinnner fishing pole which he has been wanting, so I decided to rent a boat out at lake Pleasant to try it out. On our drive down to the marina we saw a herd of wild burros! I know they are around there but have only seen them once out of all the times I've been to the lake, so it was kind of exciting to see them.

It was Liam's first time on a boat! He loved it!

I love love love sitting in the front of a boat while driving around. It feels so good to feel the wind and spray in your face.

It was so cold and windy on the lake!
After the lake, we went to the new Phoenix Temple site!

We ended our day out with a trip to Sweet Daddy's Cupcakes. I have heard about this place that is operated by a person who was on the tv show Cupcake Wars, so I wanted to try it out. We all picked out our own cupcake. Liam got oreo, Tony got double chocolate, and I got red velvet. They were good, but not really worth the $12 it cost to get them. I think I will just make them myself next time.
When we got home around 7 we shared a home grilled steak meal!
It was a great day and I am so grateful that I had my 2 Valentine's to share it with!

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Robin Anne said...

How fun!!! I've been to a few cupcake places. The cupcakes always look really cool, but yeah, they aren't worth as much as you pay for them. I've had some really great homemade cupcakes FOR FREE.