Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Summer Is In Full Swing!

We had a very unusually cool day for this time of year and the high was only 84 so we took a few of the neighbor kids and went hiking at South Mountain. Just me and 3 boys. It was fun! I am getting used to being out numbered all of the time.

I love this picture! If only the wind hadn't blown at the time I snapped the picture! Liam insisted on wearing his pirate hat instead of his baseball cap out hiking and he also insisted on wearing his Superman cape. He ran along the trail with his arms out saying "Superhero Pirate" Doo doo doo!

On Memorial Day, we had a swim party at Aunt Tina's house and made pizza and root beer!

Daisy is not a fan of the pool, but she did like sitting on the floatie

The home made root beer!

Liam likes to wear masks and hats of all sorts!

Liam really loves to play pirates and wearing his Jack Sparrow hat. The other night we made a pirate ship with a sail and everything. We searched and fought over pirate treasure too! I love this stage! He is always pretending such fun things!

Our turtle fooled us and dug a nest, but didn't leave any eggs in it. Maybe in a few days she will actually lay eggs.

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