Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Super Swimmer

Mr. Liam is taking private 1 on 1 swim lessons that we are getting for free because of my work. His swim instructor, Marta, is the kid's I watch Grandma. She does private lessons at her home. He really struggled on day 1 and cried a lot! He was unsure of swimming without floaties and didn't trust Marta. This photo was taken on day 3 of his lessons when he was a lot more comfortable.  Today was day 6 of lessons and Liam self rescued himself and swam across the whole pool and back as Marta sat on the bench and watched! The whole time while he was swimming, he was on his back swimming around and the smile on his face was priceless! He knew he was doing it all by himself! I wish I had my camera! We are so proud! He is doing so well and loves to swim with Marta! At the end of every lesson, Marta has him jump off the deep end and swim back to the bench today he swam the opposite way of the bench then turned around and came back all on his own. He is such a little fishy!

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Robin Anne said...

Learning to be comfortable on their backs in the water seems to be so hard for my kids. Caius still won't do it! Good for Liam, rescuing himself!!!!