Sunday, September 16, 2012


For FHE last week, we made a cake train and decorated it! Liam decorated the engine and this is his master piece! He really just wanted to eat it and not fiddle around with decorating it. Such a boy!

The weather has been nice a few days recently with rain and every thing! So we took a family fishing trip to a nearby neighborhood lake. We brought Liam's bike and he actually learned to pedal for the first time! Here's the story on that. A few days prior we had ridden bikes with the kids I watch and they have a tricycle that is Liam's size and it had a bell on it! He loved the bell and asked for his very own several times that day. So I made him a deal that if he could learn to really pedal his bike I would get him one. So this day was the next day we rode bikes and it seriously only took him about 2 minutes and he had learned to pedal and was OFF! 

Hide and seek!

Liam riding his bike with a  BRAND SPANKIN' NEW BELL! He was ecstatic!

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