Thursday, September 27, 2012

The Grand Week of Seussical!

These were my supporters on the first night of performances! Doug and his girlfriend (hopefully soon to be fiance;) Alyson and Hannah

Tony came too and even brought us both flowers!

I wanted to get a pictures of my art work. I painted most of the background and part of the other pieces of set too! TRUFFULA TREES!

Tracy and the girls came down to meet new baby Wynston who was born on Wednesday and to see Liam and I in our stage debut!

Horton the Elephant! Liam loves Horton and is constantly talking about him and/or pretending to be him. :) Liam thought the characters were really who they were acting to be.

My parents came with the girls while Ben and Shanae brought little Wynston home from the hospital

Tony's family even came to support us! I have awesome in-laws!

The Cat in the Hat. The weird thing is that Vaughn and I are the same age and came from the same ward like 15+ years ago. (although of course how it always is...I remember him but he doesn't remember me)

Built a new friendship with this awesome person. Stormy! The Sour Kangaroo!

The Grinch! He was the best Grinch ever! The kids idolized him and even brought in "How the Grinch Stole Christmas" and he did a whole storytime and read it to the kids! Wow! He was awesome and was almost always in character!

These are our neighbors, the Wallgrens. Love them! They're whole family was involved. Steve was the director, Ethan they're 9 year old was the lead as JoJo, and Alexis was a bird girl, the older boys were Wickersham brothers and Ginger and Jonah were Who's with me and Liam. They are seriously the best friends we have. We have lived right next door since before Liam was born, but we say that we should just build a hallway between our houses because we are constantly in each others lives. It's great! It was great to spend this journey with them! Funny note: on my audition form it has a spot to list your theatrical experience and I put "I live next door to the Wallgrens!"

Mr. and Mrs. Mayor of Whoville!

Jonah and Liam best buds in all of Whoville!

This has been such a great experience! I am so sad that is over. My whole life I have been embarrassed by my singing voice. I've always wishing I had a good voice and could amaze people with it, but I just wasn't given that talent. I was still able to participate in this musical and have grown soooo much! My voice is sooo much more steady and able to hit notes better from the constant practice. I wouldn't call myself a good singer, but I have improved greatly. I've built new friendships and have been able to learn so much about putting on a show. It has been soo much fun and I sure hope our stake doesn't wait another 6 years before putting another one on!
 Like Dr. Seuss says,
"Don't be sad that it's over, Be glad that it happened."


Adam and Christine Jardine said...

Awesome! So cool that you guys got to do this. Glad you had a great time, it really is a fantastic show!

Carl said...

It was awesome. You are awesome! I didn't realize you painted the set. Great job!