Saturday, March 23, 2013


The moon. Took me a while of changing settings on my camera to finally get this one, but I quite like it

Blue Heron

I like this one. This is a blue heron flying over the Gila River near our house.

Liam and Missie Sue

We saw the Easter Bunny at the park fair!

At the park Easter fair they had all sorts of vehicles (army, police, fire trucks) Liam was in heaven!

Liam hunting for eggs! He did so good, but I was somewhat miffed that parents were not allowed into the field with their kids; we had to wait outside the field for them.

After the Easter fair, Grandma and Grandpa Mills and Uncle Dougie came over to make Easter cookies.

The men decorated cookies!

This Friday, was mine and Tony's 6th wedding anniversary and I tell you what I don't think I would've survived this long without him. He is the best husband and friend ever! I love him so much!

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