Monday, October 28, 2013

Girls Camp

This year, I was called to go to girls camp with the stake staff. I was the assistant leader over the 4th year YCLs. It was such a blessing to be able to go. I loved girls camp as a youth and have waited for the day that I would be called to go again. Our 4th years get to go a day earlier than the rest of the girls and do an adventure day. We went up for horseback riding and canoeing. Most of the kids go to go horseback riding, but the last group did not due to a heavy rain storm that rolled in and spooked the horses. One of the men leaders that brought the horses and was a guide was bucked off and ended up going to the hospital with some cracked ribs. So we waited out the rain storm under a small ramada, all about 40 of us. It was jammed packed. The rest of the trip was just plain muddy. Later once the storm passed we headed out to Blue Ridge Reservoir for canoeing. Since I am one of the leaders I got my own canoe to paddle around in. It was so fun. Once we got to camp, the time really seemed to fly by. We got to Camp LoMia a little bit before the rest of the campers and had the zipline before everyone else. I was a little scared to do the zipline at first and screamed the first time down, but bucked up and loved it. I ended up going 3 times and even went down hanging upside down. Around the time of girls camp, I was extremely stressed out and was really struggling. Girls Camp really calmed me down and helped me to see a little beyond my trial and really increased my faith. I really needed the time away to just ponder and think. I loved this experience and hope I get called to go again.

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