Monday, March 31, 2014

Our Anniversary Sedona Trip

 For our 7th anniversary, Tony surprised us with a day trip up to Sedona to hike. Secretly I've really been wanting to go hiking so it was perfect! We went to the Red Rock Park and hit the trails.
 Boys searching for fish in Oak Creek.
 We found this big ole tree which was covered in little lizards that were perfectly camouflaged to the bark.
 In this picture, Liam had actually caught a little lizard by the tip of its tail luckily once it squirmed Liam let go and the lizard was able to keep it's tail.
 Liam did so good on the hike and kept right up with us and Eliza slept almost the entire time in the sling. The weather was perfect, the trails were perfect, the day was perfect.

 Our first sign of wild life right before we got to the House of Apache Fire as seen below. The House of Apache Fire was the home of a wealthy couple from the 40's I think it was. It is called the House of Apache Fire because it was built by Apache's that were hired to build it, but instead of staying in the rooms built for them, they slept and had meals by the creek. Their camp fires would send up smoke near the creek so the lady named her house The House of Apache Fire.

 These were some friends we met on the trail. They were about 40-50 feet away from us as the trail came down near the river bed. They were just bedded down there and stood up and grazed as we observed. Very cool!

We saw a whole herd of mule deer as we were headed out after our hike. I think we counted 14; some were does with a lot of little babies from last year.
Liam insisted on playing in the water, so we found a place where he could get in and he thought it was too cold, so we only stayed for a couple of minutes before he was ready to go.

We finished our day with dinner at Creekside Restaurant on the strip in Sedona. I had duck and Tony had some sort of breaded chicken. Eliza was done with the day by that time, so it wasn't the smooth lovely dinner we hoped for because we took turns eating with Liam while one of us stood outside bouncing Eliza. The food wasn't very good either especially for the price $$. boo! Oh well, lesson learned. Overall, it was a good day. Liam crashed as soon as we made it back to the highway and Eliza took some convincing but she eventually fell asleep as well. It was a great trip and I loved what Tony chose to do. Holy cow! We've been married for 7 years!

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