Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Canyon Creek June 27-29

 Our family was in dire need of a get away, so our go-to place is Canyon Creek. We left late Friday night and just pitched our tent at the top of the canyon for the night so that we could enjoy the whole next day in the canyon. In the morning, we set up camp at the Valentine Ridge campground which was nearly empty (just the way we like it) and then hit the creek for some fishing.
 It was Eliza's first time in the pack and play and she did just fine and was just a little sweet pea most of the time.
 Gila woodpecker
 Liam took this picture of Eliza sleeping in the backpack while we ate our lunch. We gave fluffer nutters a try which was amazing! JIF has a new thing called whips which is peanut butter whipped with chocolate, so we had that and marshmallow cream in a sandwich. Definitely not healthy, but so good.

 All around the water is mint growing wild. It smells so good!

 Liam found a dead worm
 'Liza wanted that fly rod! Papa Lee would be proud!
 We saw quite a few deer on our way back to camp after fishing. We had to slam on our brakes a few times heading to Canyon Creek during the night due to elk crossing the highway. Scary!

 Camping is awesome because Liam puts himself to bed.

 Jack was comfy in the fishing bag and didn't want to get out!
 It is a tradition to go to the Canyon Creek fish hatchery while we are there. It is fun to see the different sizes and see when they are going to be stocked into the lakes and creeks. We even found some fish food that was on the ledges that didn't make it into the water, so we got to start a feeding frenzy.
 This picture doesn't do his mess justice. He had quite the dirt beard going on. Eliza cried from the time we left the campsite to the time we got home so about 2 1/2 hours except maybe 15 minutes in which she fell asleep. This girl just hates the car.
After a bath and quick trip to Grandma's after we got home this is how Liam fell asleep. He was exhausted! We all were!

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