Thursday, September 4, 2014


 'Liza just barely has enough hair to make a teeny tiny pony tail on top! So cute! I can't wait until she has enough to do a real pony.
 We have finally decided to let Liam play with legos again after our little fiasco about a year ago with the lego up his nose. Ugh. So far so good.
 Eliza and Missie the horse
 Just watching the puppies and laughing

 For school, Liam needed to make a book nook to read in, so this is what he made and he shared a book with his sis.
 Can't get over the cuteness of this girl. She is finally fitting into this dress! I'm so excited! Seriously how cute is she!?!
 We've been doing some food now. We've mostly just given her table food, but since we got some free baby food we gave it a try. This is "garden vegetable" I believe which is like peas and carrots and something else in it.
I guess you could say corn on the cob was her very first food. We gave her an already eaten corn on the cob. She loved it! She mostly prefers to eat herself and not as big of a fan of spoon feeding.
 Tony had his first day in an actual classroom setting since starting school. He is going to South Mountain Comm College now and working on his engineering degree. Yep he's awesome.
 Eliza has learned to get up on her knees now. She is so proud of herself!
The other day I put little miss in a laundry basket while I did something next to her and she fell right asleep.

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