Friday, November 7, 2014

9 Months

 Miss Eliza is 9 months old today! Seriously? Father Time is not my friend! He goes too quickly! This little miss priss is a busy body. She loves her mama and gets completely offended if you walk past her and don't pick her up. She throws a temper tantrum! She really loves her snuggly and has to have it to sleep. It is just a garment top or a slip.(silky) She is a binky lover. She loves to eat. She really likes carrot sticks and most anything. She does not like baby food. She wants the real stuff. She is about 16 pounds. Tiny thing. She is starting to fall lower on the growth chart, but we aren't worried. We've been in and out of several doctor's offices this month. She has been having some skin issues with a little rash that isn't really going away. She was officially diagnosed with Juvenile arthritis. They are still testing different things to give us an officially type of arthritis. Different types can be based on how many joints are affected. Liam's is oligo-arthritis because it is less than 4 joints. She is right on the brink. Both elbows and both ankles are affected. There are 2 different joints in the ankle so she had some x-rays taken to see if both joints are having issues. We don't know the results of that yet. We are also going to see a pediatric dermatologist to see if maybe her skin issues are related to psoriatic arthritis. She has had some yellow spots in one of her eyes so we will be seeing an ophthalmologist  to check that out and to check for uveitis. Kids with arthritis have to have regular eye appointments to check for that.Poor girl is just having a hard time with all of this right now. Hopefully we can get it all taken care of and get her moving. I think once we get her ankles taken care of she will try to start standing again.

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