Sunday, November 2, 2014

Kindy Field Trip- Tolmachoff Farms

 I was able to chaperone Liam's kindergarten field trip to the farm. It was so fun! It was a rather hot day though. Ugh! I feel like I miss out on so much now that he is in school, so I snatch up any opportunity to be a part of his day.
 This was the little group that I was in charge of, Liam, Daniel and Joseph.

 This little piggie was 2 weeks old. So tiny!
 Little miss blue eyes just hung out and took it all in stride. (mostly)
 In the spider web with his mate, Jonah.
 Making a corn angel!

 Miss Anderson's kindergarten class! There's my boy in the ASU hat. Front row.
 picking beets.
Liam was really excited to ride a school bus for the very first time!

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