Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Surprised by Love

Since Eliza was diagnosed with arthritis I figured that I should get my butt in gear and start researching about the illness my kids have. I knew the basics and vaguely about the treatments that we've been through. I trusted the doctors and for Liam, it's been alright. He responds very well to the mildest of treatments. The biggest issues we've had with him is recurring uveitis; inflammation in his eyes, easily treated with steroid eye drops. Just found out he's got it again just today at the doctor. Well, it hasn't been so easy for Eliza. She started with an elbow and both ankles. She used to stand with help when she was younger now she won't stand at all even if you are holding her. She sticks her legs out and won't put any weight on them at all. Pretty much each time we've seen the doctor a new joint is having issues. Now we are up to both elbows, both ankles and 2 separate joints in those ankles, and both knees. I'm wondering if she has some in her back or neck as well just by the way she is when I pick her up first thing in the morning. Eliza also has had skin issues and was diagnosed with psoriasis. When we went in for her appointment about a month ago, I had mentally prepared myself to schedule her for the joint aspiration procedure which terrifies me, but I knew she wasn't improving as much as she needed. But her blood work came back really bad. Her inflammation levels were 6 times what is the norm. The naproxen was somewhat helping with the pain, but doing nothing for the inflammation in her joints and system. Instead of scheduling for the procedure the doctor just skipped that step in the treatment plan and went to the third step (out of 3) which is methotrexate which is what they give for chemotherapy, but just in small doses. The medicine will treat her whole body and should knock out the inflammation instead of going into each joint when more places keep popping up like the joint aspiration would treat. It is scary. I will have to go in and learn how to give her the injections which I will then do at home once a week with blood tests monthly to check her liver enzymes. Ugh. Poor girl! From what I've read so far, it says that the metho works really well for the type of arthritis that she has, so I am hoping that it will take care of Eliza's issues and that she can move forward and start progressing and go into remission hopefully soon and not have to be on the medication for too long. Never did I think when having another child that I would have the same issues as Liam especially not so much worse that him.
This stumbling block in our way right now has allowed me to do some research about things I didn't know. I put together a little team to participate in the Walk to Cure Arthritis and within just a few hours my fundraising goal was already exceeded! My family hasn't even donated yet that is just from my Sunday school teacher and a couple of my young women's leaders from my home ward growing up. I seriously just cried when I found out. I felt so loved and supported when really I have felt so alone dealing with this. I know I am not alone and I know that I am loved and watched over. I have angels watching over me and caring for me all around. I am blessed and I see it.

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