Wednesday, June 10, 2015

On The Way

 Last October, one of our really good friends moved to Washington and when they left we vowed to come and visit them. We kept our promise and on May 30th, we packed a van full of all 8 of us and hit the road!

 Wesley, Colby, Liam, Eliza and Wyatt, Lily

 Our first very long day of traveling lead us to Sacramento for the night. Eliza especially loved the beds!

 Our second day of traveling lead us from Sacramento to Olympia, WA. This was a rest stop near Shasta Lake in Northern California.
 That's a pretty stellar, Stellar's Jay, huh?
Mt. Shasta was amazing! It was quite a view as we wound around the mountain roads to different views of the mountain. The clouds above the volcano were just amazing!
 We finally made it to the same state as Sara! We were so excited!

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