Friday, August 15, 2008

My Hubby

I just wanted to write a few things of why my husband is so great.
  • He always makes excuses to be alone with me..."Oh I think we might have a flat tire...we better pull over and make out."
  • Red lights mean make out until the light turns green.
  • He lets me play with his hair and cut it however I want. (within reason) For some reason he won't let me give him a mohawk, what's up with that?
  • He takes care of the bills. I get way too stressed if I have to do them.
  • He always opens and closes the car door for me. As a matter of fact if I open the door he makes me close it again so he can open it for me.
  • He snores so cute!
  • He is always there for me when I'm upset and crying even if it's because of something he did.
  • He loves the Lord and is a great spiritual leader for our family.
  • He loves to wrestle even though I always end up with him in a head lock.
  • He is always nice to me even when I'm a hormonal nutcase.
  • He hates being in pictures but puts up with it anyway...just for me.
  • He got me a bll python for my brithday.
  • He tries his best to fit in with my family.
  • He leaves his clothes and things all over the place.
  • He brushes his teeth without using any water other than to rinse.
  • He keeps me in line.
  • He always does the dishes after dinner so I don't have to.
  • He learned to put the toilet seat down after himself.
  • He is so fun to be around!

All in all, I'm glad he's mine and only mine for the rest of eternity!

I love you babe!


Robin Anne and Neal said...

Awww...That's so nice.

Nichole said...

isn't it time for an update? Hmm?

Coach B. said...

I wish my husband would let me do his hair. He shaves his head every day in the shower.

Cute blog!

Jenny Ann said...

You are a sweet sweet wife! I hope that Tony see this and loves how much you love him!

Jenny Ann said...

By the way... I did not know you had a blog! good gravy! Love ya!