Friday, July 25, 2008

Colorado 2008

To top our trip off, we saw a huge double rainbow on our way home. It was so pretty!
There was a massive snow pack left from this years snow

Emerald Lake

Daisy, our little model.

Yeah was hard enough to get her to hold still long enough to push the button on the camera.

Colorado Rocky Mountain High

We love to kiss anywhere and everwhere, but this happens to be at Cumberland Pass, CO.

As is tradition in my family, we always bring Mom a snake. She loves it! Haha! You know you're in trouble when your mom calls you by your full name!

As you can see my fish was bigger! Haha!

Tony's beautiful cutthroat trout

In Crested Butte, CO


Benjamin & Shanae Lee said...

We are so jealous of you. We wanted to go this year, but I guess Ben's school is more important. Well, I guess a new tradition will be to stay at "our cabin" for the summer! We can't wait! Miss You! Love You!

Robin Anne and Neal said...

I am jealous too! All the pictures look like it was so pretty! I have a picture of us sitting on the same bench in Crested Butte!!!

Anthony and Erin Mills said...

I have tons of pictures of you when ya'll came to CO with us that one time. And every single one makes me laugh!

Bryce and Sierra Hannibal said...

when did you go to Colorado? We move there on September 3rd...I wish we were there when you went. We miss you. I'm so glad you have a blog!! Come visit ours!! :) love you