Tuesday, May 5, 2009

I need to stop getting my hopes up

I need to stop getting my hopes up. I went to the doctor all excited hoping that she would say "oh my you are like 5 cm let's go to the hopsital and have a baby." And I would say "okey dokey." But no my life is lame and boring. I'm still 2 cm and no more effaced than last time. Ah man! We even stuck our hospital bag in the car just in case. Bummer. Oh well. He can't stay in there forever. He will be out before I know it. I would just prefer sooner rather than later. Only 5 days til my due date.


Pamela said...

I warned Tony about this a few weeks ago but please trust me in this. It is best to just assume that you are going to go a week over your due date. If you do not do this you will drive yourself crazy. I love you good luck

Linda Lee said...

We are all hoping that Liam shows up soon--but not until it's the right time for him and you! Trust your body!

Angie said...

Morning Baby... You are WONDERFUL!
I adore you!!! You will make such Great parents!

Benjamin & Shanae Lee said...

We heard you can't walk anymore. That stinks. We hope he gets here soon! Good Luck!