Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Liam Turns 1!

Instead of giving Liam his own cake I made him his own cupcake. We had never really given him anything sugary until then so I knew he would like it. I didn't expect him to do this. He shoved the whole thing all at once. He didn't put his hands down until he was all done. He practically inhaled the whole thing. He was sad and wanted more when he was done. It was so funny and I am glad we got it on video tape. I don't know how to upload it from my video camera otherwise I would have.

The birthday cake. Making cakes has kind of become a hobby of mine. I had never used fondant before and was nervous about it but I loved this cake from one of my books so I tried and it turned out great. It was definitely too expensive to do regularly but it was fun and it tastes good.

Liam got a wagon from Grandma and Papa Lee! He was so excited!

Opening presents

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