Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The Grand Canyon

This last weekend we had the chance to be my dad's chaffeur. He likes to hike the Grand Canyon from rim to rim which is a super long hike by the way. So we drove up on Thursday afternoon and stayed in Jacob Lake. Then early early Friday like 4 am early. We dropped my dad off at the North Rim of the Grand Canyon. We stopped on the way back to the hotel and watched the sunrise. By the way the roads were icy and it was FREEZING! It was like 15 degrees. We went back to the hotel for a little while and slept. We drove the 3 hours around the the other side of the canyon to await my dad. It is like a 25 mile hike. It took him about 11 hours to get out. It was pretty cool to have a dad that can do that especially at almost 60 years old. I know I couldn't do it. While we were waiting for Papa to come out we went around and saw some of the sites. Because believe it or not I've lived in Arizona almost all of my life and I've never been to the Grand Canyon at least not at an age that I can remember. So we went around to some of the viewpoints and shops. It was a lot of fun and I want to go back. We met my mom in Flagstaff for my dad to rest because believe it or not it was a long hike and he was worn out. All in all it was a super fun trip. We hiked down the Bright Angel trail a little bit to wait for Papa to come out
We got to see the Grand Canyon train. Liam thought it was the coolest thing

We saw lots of deer and elk and we even saw a mountain lion early in the morning.

First View of the Canyon

Afer dropping my dad off at the North Rim of the Grand Canyon we pulled over to watch the sunrise. It was a great experience to watch the sun rise together.

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Linda said...

great pictures! glad you finally got to explore the canyon a little!