Wednesday, November 24, 2010

New things

Liam had a major diaper malfunction when we went out to dinner so we had to take all his clothes off. His jacket was the only thing that made it through. So we called him the "Diaper Cowboy."
Tracy and the girls came into town so we all went out to dinner at Ballpark pizaa a.k.a. yummy.

We've been to several Centennial football games with my mom and dad

Liam is the coolest kid around

Liam and Ethan at the football game.

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Bryce and Sierra Hannibal said...

you guys are adorable....I can't wait to see Liam in person...he's the cutest thing! I love the cowboy boots...can't wait to dress our little future baby girl in a short mini skirt and cowgirl boots! :) ADORABLE!! miss you!!